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07 Aug 2015

Peter Dinklage talks to Ahlan! about new movie, Pixels

His role as Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones made him a household name, and now Peter Dinklage is back on the big screen. In all-star animated movie Pixels, planet Earth is attacked by aliens who’ve adopted guises of iconic arcade game characters including Pac-Man and Donkey Kong. Here, the Emmy-winning American talks about teenagers, typecasting and his comic legend co-stars...

Did you enjoy working with Kevin James and Adam Sandler? Is it one big party?
It is. Comedy is a real science. You’re always trying to find the funniest thread and while this movie was definitely scripted by Adam and the other writers, they were always very open to other ideas and improvisation. And Josh Gad is just incredible at that. Adam, [director] Chris Columbus and the writers could always pick the jokes they wrote in the editing room if they wanted to, but they loved the options we brought to the table. Pixels was a true collaboration.

Did you do any research for this movie?
I did 45 years of research! I wouldn’t consider myself a real gamer, but to really ‘get’ the games this movie represents you had to go to arcades as a kid, before the home consoles came in. Even when they did, I was still a teenager and they were very expensive – you went to see your friends who had them and played together. I feel bad for all the kids who play alone now.

Gaming has changed a lot since you were young, when the arcade was a social hub.
Yeah. Going to the arcade was so social. You’d hang out with your friends, check out the girls – or the one girl who might have been there that day. They played music there and it was like being at the roller-skating rink. It was so much more fun.

When you started out as an actor, did you imagine you’d end up in major Hollywood movies?
When you’re a kid, you see Star Wars and don’t think you could be a part of anything like that, even though you’re doing school plays. I wasn’t ambitious enough to link the two together. I never thought, ‘Well, I could do that’ – I was just happy riding my bike! And then you start doing theatre and smaller movies and suddenly you’re doing the big stuff.

Is a film like Pixels a nice change of pace from Game of Thrones?
That show has been my job now for about five or six years and it’s a pretty serious show, so I don’t like to bore myself in terms of pigeonholing. That’s why I love jumping into something like Pixels– it’s such a joy to mix it up.

When you’re offered projects that are similar to <Game of Thrones>, is it frustrating?
Maybe I’m talking from a stupid, privileged perspective because I do have a nice TV job that I can rely on financially, but it’s very important to be able to say ‘no’.

INFO: Pixels is in UAE cinemas now


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