Watch This Face: Mamta Tahilramani

The hotelier, fashion designer and philanthropist proving beauty and brains can co-exist
Tuesday , 02 August 2011
Mamta Tahilramani
Mamta Tahilramani
Beth Mcintyre and Mamta Tahilramani
Beth Mcintyre and Mamta Tahilramani

There’s something to be said for a woman who can feel as comfortable in heels as she does in a pair of flip flops, who loves her foie gras but won’t say no to classic fish and chips down at the pub. Mamta Tahilramani is quite easily one of the UAE’s most fascinating power females. Ask her friends and colleagues to describe her and you’ll probably get the same answer: “Mamta is beauty meets brains.”

A hotelier, fashion designer and fun-loving party girl, Mamta’s name can often be found in the pages of magazines, either being featured for her work or for attending the city’s swankiest soirees. But beyond the glitz and glamour is a woman who exemplifies passion and drive, all the while keeping her feet firmly planted on the ground.

Born in Mumbai, Mamta moved to the UAE at a very young age. “I can’t think of anywhere besides this sandpit to call home,” she jokingly tell us. She soon found herself a close circle of friends whom she’s fortunate to still have in her life. As a child, Mamta was a true all-rounder. At school, she was the exemplary student. Outside of school, she competed as a professional ice skater which took her around the world to compete in international competitions and which earned her over 30 gold medals. Following that, Mamta continued her education in Switzerland, studying hospitality at one of the finest institutions, Glion in Montreux.

And now she’s putting that to use as Fairmont Dubai’s fabulous Social Marketing Manager and Head of Leasing. As the go-to-girl for the hotel, Mamta is the one schmoosing with clients, arranging spectacular events and helping to make Fairmont Dubai’s exposure in the UAE and the world even wider than it is.

But when she’s not busy making sure Spectrum on One’s Friday Brunch is fully booked and helping arrange Exchange Grill’s latest promotions, you can likely find her working hard on her own fashion label, Moji, which she launched in 2009. “I’m a hotelier through and through with a creative streak that I’ve translated into a fashion label called Moji,” she tells us. “This way I can take care of both my passions in the same token and satisfy both aspects of my personality!”

But beyond just having her dream life, Mamta is dedicated to giving back. An Ambassador for the Emirates Arthritis Foundation and an animal rights activist, Mamta can add philanthropy to her list of passions. “Animal rights is on the top of my agenda, as it means the world to me.”

One thing’s for certain, with drive, passion and heart, the only way is up for Mamta – not just in the UAE but anywhere in the world!

Five Favourite Places
1. Spectrum On One
Brunch, dinner, you name it – this place is always on top of its game!
2. Loca Love the chilled out atmosphere and vibe.
3. The Gallery Quarter in DIFC This is where my inspiration came in for the last Moji collection.
4. I2 For some great 80’s beats with close friends!
5. My Bedroom My lavender scented sanctuary.