VIDEO: Emirates air hostesses go viral!

The airline has once again showed it's got a sense of humour at recent soccer match
ByHend FadelSunday , 01 November 2015
VIDEO: Emirates air hostesses go viral!
Emirates flight attendants perform a flight safety routine

During a recent soccer game between Benfica and Sporting Lisbon in Portugal, eight flight attendants demonstrated to a crowd of 65,000 fans how to enjoy the game during a humorous routine.

Emirates Airlines showed its support for Benfica after signing a three-year sponsorship deal in a distinctive way by performing a flight safety styled routine supporting the team, and connecting Benfica fans around the world with the hashtag #HelloLisbon.

The announcement starts with Emirates welcoming fans aboard Estadio da Luz. The crowd was reminded of the stadium's exit points and the position of the goals, and how long the match would last. Fans were instructed to switch off their phones and to concentrate on supporting their teams. And in the event of a goal, to place the scarves over their head and "breathe normally". Nice one, Emirates!

Check it out below!


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