Wasabi King Prawns

Seafood with a kick, courtesy of Chef Roy at Hukama
Monday , 09 July 2012
Wasabi King Prawns
Wasabi King Prawns

Wasabi King Prawns

Serves 4

800g prawns, cleaned and de-shelled  200g potato starch                             
1l frying oil
1 egg                               
5g black sesame seeds

For The Coating
20g salt
10g sugar
50g potato starch
1 egg

For The Wasabi Mayonnaise
20ml evaporated milk                          
30ml condensed milk                           
50g wasabi powder                            
65ml lemon juice                             
100g sugar                                   
600g mayonnaise
85g wasabi paste

For The Mango Salsa
200g fresh mango, cut into small cubes
10g red chilli, finely diced
10g red onion, finely diced 
80ml sweet chilli sauce

Coat the prawns with potato starch mixture and chill in the fridge for about 20 minutes.
2. For the wasabi mayonnaise: mix all ingredients and refrigerate.
3. For the mango salsa: mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate.
4. Heat up the oil in a deep pan and deep fry for 2 minutes at about 180C.
5. Drizzle wasabi mayonnaise over the prawns and sprinkle with mango salsa and black sesame seeds.

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