Wanted: A Doha Events Manager Keen on Royals

Are you looking for an exciting new job? Would you like to meet Wills and Kate? Read on…
ByDawn GibsonMonday , 24 February 2014
Wanted: A Doha Events Manager Keen on Royals
Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge walk the red carpet

If you’re on the prowl for a new job in Qatar, this has got to be one of the most plum positions around. 

The British Embassy is advertising for an Events Manager to oversee the Embassy’s multitude of conferences, launches, fundraisers and parties, everything from posh VVIP receptions to tea parties and, of course, the Queen’s Birthday Party. Just think – you’ll be in one of the best posts in Qatar for meeting any visiting Royals and British VIPs.

While we think it’s a fair bet that the Duchess of Cambridge won’t be travelling much for some months, if the hot rumours that she’s pregnant with her second child are true, perhaps Prince William might make a solo visit, or bring the whole family out once the (rumoured) baby is born.

And Prince Charles has only just left Doha after a three-day visit last week – he’s a fairly regular visitor to the Middle East so is sure to be back again soon.

What we’d be really hoping for, though, is that Prince Harry might swing through on the way to one of his charity missions around the world. Or that Posh and Becks drop by for a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich. Or Henry Cavill. Just saying.