Want to save VAT on Salik? Read this!

Want to save VAT on Salik? Read this!

02 Jan 2018

It's a little technical

RTA clarified last year that there would be no tax on Salik and as a result, the Dhs4 deduction for passing under any of the seven toll gates in Dubai has remained the same.

However, topping up is an entirely different story!

According to Khaleej Times, you can save a little extra if you do so online. It's been reported that if you recharge your Salik physically, for example at a petrol station or grocery store, you will be subject to VAT. However, if you top up online, no tax will be levied.

So here's a little tip from us to you, if you want to save that little bit extra, head online to recharge your Salik!