Want to See Beyonce's Wedding Dress?

18 Nov 2011
By Ahlanlive.com

The fiercely private star finally lets fans see what she wore for her big day more than three year ago!

Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z are fiercely private when it comes to their relationship - they even denied they were a couple for as long as they could get away with it, but we busted them soon enough and started fantasising about what Bey-Jay's wedding would look like as soon as the pair got serious.

The big day came on 4 April 2008 and we couldn't wait to see the pics. Or rather, it seems, we could wait. In fact, we've had to wait three-and-a-half years! But finally, the day has come where we get a glimpse of the Best Thing I Never Had hitmaker's bridal gown.

In her latest video for the track I Was Here in which Beyonce sings about her impact on the world, fans are treated to never-before-seen footage of the star in her wedding dress, along with other key moments in her life from meeting Nelson Mandela to visiting a mosque and wearing a traditional Arabic burqa. Click on the gallery arrows to see the pics.

Unlike many of her stage outfits, Beyonce's white wedding gown is simple affair with subtle pleat details and a sweetheart neckline - a far cry from the bejewelled, cleavage-boosting number worn in her Best Thing I Never Had video. We approve of off-duty Bey's choice - the gal's clearly got class.