Wadih Elnajjar

The photographer who has his studio at one of the hottest new venues in town
Monday , 21 March 2016
Wadih Elnajjar
Wadih Elnajjar
• I do fashion and society photography and I work for a publishing company. I find it very rewarding when people tell me that they like themselves in my photos. I’m also a brand ambassador for LuiOLei company, which specialises in distribution and retail of Italian, French and German luxury brands. 
• I originally came to Dubai just for a visit, and when I was offered a job, I went home, packed and moved here. 
• In 2015, I opened my photography studio in the new hot-spot, Play Restaurant & Lounge, which is a unique concept in Dubai. I was originally approached by the owners of the restaurant a year ago when the place was under construction; they came out with the idea and I said let’s go ahead.
• I consider David Beckham a key influence, simply because he’s successful and has great style. I’ve been a fan of his for a long time.
• My men’s fashion line is still a pending project; I wish I hadn’t been so lazy and had worked on it more in the past year. Going forward, I plan to continue with what I’m doing and also work on my men’s collection.  
• The best advice I’ve received? “Shop less and save more money!” 
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