Vision International School Launches Qatar Campus

Vision International School Launches Qatar Campus

25 Jun 2014

Acceptance of admissions until Grade 8 (to Grade 12 in future) now open

Thank goodness another school is opening in Qatar, there just dont seem enough good schools and the waiting lists are getting longer and longer!

Vision International School, developed by International Schools Services (ISS) from Princeton, New Jersey, will be opening its doors to local and foreign schoolchildren based in Qatar from September 2014. In preparation for its much-awaited launch, it is now accepting admissions of schoolchildren until Grade 8 for now with additional grades to follow.

Located in Al Wakra, the school is a high-quality institution that will be providing the best education, facilities and school community for children. Under an American International curriculum, the school is tailored to the culturally diverse needs of students in Qatar, and includes teaching of Arabic language, Qatari History, and Islamic Studies.

“Our strong commitment to lifelong learning and service fuels our passion towards an international education that prepares future leaders during these challenging times,” Mr. George Dymond, Director and Founding Head of Vision International School said. “In striving to create a community of caring, inquisitive, critical thinkers, we have hired the best teachers and administrators from the US, Canada, the UK, Qatar and other Arabic-speaking countries around the world.

“More importantly, because our academic program is rigorous and will be recognised by most universities around the world, our students have unprecedented access to top universities worldwide once they pursue further studies in the future,” he added. “With the State of Qatar’s emphasis on building a knowledge-based and sustainable economy, we are confident that our high quality curriculum and excellent educational standards shall positively and significantly contribute to this aspiration.”

Vision International School (VIS) is initially targeting to have more than 250 students in grades pre-k through grade 8. With an eventual maximum capacity of 1,300 students in pre-k through grade 12, grade 9 will be added from September 2015 and additional grades will be included each year thereafter. Classes are co-ed in pre-k1, pre-k2 and kindergarten, and become single gender from grades 1 and up.

There will be an early childhood section for pre-k and kindergarten, while elementary school from grades 1-5 and middle school from grades 6-8 will have one section for boys and one section for girls. The school’s state-of-the-art facilities include a full size gymnasium, swimming pool, cafeterias, a well-equipped library, art, science, and music labs, and exciting play spaces in both shaded and fully air conditioned settings.

“We are delighted and thankful to the preeminent leadership of this vibrant nation for this great opportunity to establish Vision International School in Qatar,” Mr. Dymond continued. “Thus, we look forward to welcoming students and their parents to our campus, and significantly contributing to the education of the future leaders of Qatar and the world.”

Apart from traditional classroom activities, the school also has after-school programs that form an essential part of the holistic education of students. While optional, students are encouraged to participate. Furthermore, there will also be a number of interscholastic athletic events with other schools in Qatar. Sports teams will have training sessions on designated days during the week. Students who wish to be considered for selection must attend these training sessions.

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