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Virgin Radio’s Big Rossi’s Crazy Tales

17 Jan 2014
By Rossi

The woman who lived on Starbucks for a year!

A woman has completed a challenge to eat only Starbucks food for a year.The 40-year-old blogger, who goes by the name of Existence, spent an average of Dhs1,800 at the US coffee shop and said the hardest time of the year was Christmas Day, when its branches were shut and she had to survive on biscotti. When asked why she completed the challenge, she said: “Why? Because I love being human and I love the privilege of being able to ask the question ‘Why?’ in the first place. Besides, I want to be the first woman to complete the challenge.” She did just that, lasting 365 days on Starbucks products such as sandwiches, coffee and cookies. It sounds good, although I reckon you’d need a ‘latte’ money… INFO: Catch producer Big Rossi at 10 to the hour on Virgin Radio’s Breakfast Show