Video Games Marathon World Record Attempt in Dubai

13 Dec 2011

Professional dancers will try to break the Guinness World Record by dancing to Xbox 360's Dance Central 2 for over 15 hours

There’s a whole lot of dancing and gaming happening this Thursday, 15 December, at Mall of the Emirates. And a Guinness World Record might come out of it!   

On the day, Dubai-based professional dancers Christopher Lawrence (28) and Christian Ortega (24) will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the longest video games marathon on a dance/rhythm game by dancing to Xbox’s 360’s Dance Central 2. The current record stands at 15 hours 17 minutes, and Christopher and Christian will get going bright and early in the morning (6am!) to be one up on those numbers.

You can be there to see it happen, and you don’t even have to lose sleep to join in. Just head to MoE in time for the record-breaking moment, and cheer the dancers on!

INFO: The Guinness World Record attempt will begin at 6am on 15 December 2011, and the record breaking moment is expected at 9.17pm. Mall of the Emirates (outside Cinestar). For more details, visit