VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Ahlan! meets Mel B. The truth about THOSE Spice Girls comments

Here's what really happened when we chatted to Scary Spice about her bandmates
ByTeam Ahlan!Thursday , 29 August 2019
VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Ahlan! meets Mel B. The truth about THOSE Spice Girls comments
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Here at Ahlan! Towers, it’s no secret that we love the Spice Girls. A LOT. So much so, that we jetted to their sell-out Spice World 2019 reunion tour in June.

But shortly after we returned to real life, we started suffering Spice withdrawals. In search of a quick fix, we decided to return to Spice World earlier this week, attending Scary Spice’s exciting new theatre show, A Brutally Honest & Fabulous Evening with Mel B, in Leeds.

Not only did she spill amazing Spice secrets during the show, she also invited Ahlan! Editor Andre Neveling on stage for a quick Q&A. To keep things spicy, he challenged Mel to a funny game of ‘shag, marry, kill’, focussing on her fellow Spices.

Hours after the hilarious interview, the media was flooded with misleading headlines. “Mel B says she wants to kill Posh and Ginger and bed Baby in shock outburst,” wrote The Sun. “Mel B rips into Spice Girls bandmates Geri Horner and Victoria Beckham during Q&A,” wrote the Metro. The Daily Mail’s headline read: “'I want to kill Geri': Mel B makes explosive comments.”

So what REALLY happened? We’re glad you ask. Below is the full clip (courtesy of Jet TV) in which Mel makes the comments to Ahlan!’s Andre. 

See? She's not so scary, after all!

INFO: Mel B's A Brutally Honest & Fabulous Evening takes place again on Sunday 1 September at The Savoy Theatre in London. Tickets from

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