Victoria Beckham Vows, ‘No More Babies For Me’

Harper will be the last Beckham baby...
Tuesday , 19 July 2011
Victoria Beckham Vows, ‘No More Babies For Me’

She’s the first to hide her baby bump whenever pregnant, and at 37-years-old Victoria Beckham is surely coming to the end of her childbearing years. So, it might not come as a surprise to many that she has vowed Harper Seven will be her last Beckham baby.

According to sources, Victoria is over-the-moon after having a daughter because they tried for so long to have a girl.

My source said, “Victoria and David have never been as happy as they are now. Three healthy boys and now a beautiful daughter. Victoria finds pregnancy quite uncomfortable, hides it as much as she possibly can and is more than happy with four babies. They tried so hard for a girl and now that they have her the family is complete.”

According to sources, the birth of Harper Seven has brought the couple closer together following a string of affair allegations and marriage difficulties.

The source adds, “David has been so supportive towards Victoria the entire time she was pregnant. They brushed the allegations of David’s wandering eye under the carpet and have focused on family life with the boys and preparing for the arrival of Harper.”

“Now that she is here, their main focus is on being a tight family unit. They are gearing towards heading back to the UK to educate the children there.”