Victoria Beckham the Bad Parent

Victoria blasted for letting Harper suck her dummy
ByJJ AnisiobiThursday , 30 October 2014
Victoria Beckham the Bad Parent
Victoria Beckham with Harper

Victoria's branded a bad mother after losing control of Brooklyn and putting Harper at risk.
Victoria Beckham may have conquered the fashion world with her eponymous label, and the music world with the Spice Girls, but as a parent she isn't really cutting it. The 40-year-old has come under heavy criticism for the way she raises two of her four kids, with some corners blasting her as "irresponsible".

Wonky Teeth fears for harper
Last week the fashion icon was accused of stunting her daughter Harper's speech development by letting the three-year-old continue to suck a dummy. It's recommended that parents wean their babies off their pacifiers by the time of their first birthdays because further sucking beyond this point is risky, as it can stunt the healthy growth of gums.
Dummies are supposed to help restless kids settle down at bedtime and can also be used to stop a child from crying, but prolonged use can leave the baby with wonky teeth. Former midwife and pregnancy expert Clare Byam-Cook told the MailOnline: "Most people agree that prolonged use of the dummy can damage the teeth, by pushing them forwards and getting them misaligned. It can also affect speech development, because so many mothers stick a dummy in their toddler's mouth just to shut the toddler up."
Clare added that letting a child keep a dummy in its mouth for large parts of the day can hamper the development of speech and could even affect the way Harper shouts "Girl Power!".

Bad Boy Brooklyn Loves his Bikes

Victoria's other apparent parent fail is with her son Brooklyn, 16, and his love of dangerous bikes. The teenager has reportedly made it crystal-clear to his mother that he's inherited the same appetite for motorcycles as his father – and that he's desperate for his own. Now, the straight-faced Victoria is thought to be "petrified" at the prospect of her eldest child turning into a bad-boy biker.
The former singer is said to be worried about Brooklyn getting his moped licence when he turns 16 next March as her hubby David crashed his bike in August. A source told the Sunday Mirror newspaper: "It's every mum's worst nightmare when their child wants a motorbike, but Brooklyn is so determined.
"He loves motorcycles and can't wait to be 16 next spring, when he can take his test." It's alleged that Victoria would never stop her children from doing anything they wanted to do, like sucking a pacifier all day, but she's hoping Brooklyn changes his mind about getting a bike.

The source explained: "It scares the living daylights out of her." David, 39, was left battered and bruised this summer after he came off his motorcycle in Los Angeles as he was leaving a Sunset Boulevard tattoo parlour.
He said at the time: "It was not a great experience but I was lucky." Let's hope Brooklyn shares his dad's luck!

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