Victoria Beckham Slammed Over Bag

Why the fashion designer has angered animal activists
Victoria Beckham Slammed Over Bag
Victoria Beckham was slammed for her latest bag collection

Victoria Beckham is at the centre of an animal cruelty campaign which has the former Spice Girl dodging questions about the ethical nature of her current bag collection. The fashion designer came under fire for using crocodile skin to make her latest ‘superbag’ but says the use of exotic leathers was done so under fair trade circumstances.

Vic’s agent said the skin was sourced from America and the bags were made in Italy, but animal activist group Peta isn’t happy with the designer.

According to reports, Peta have confronted Victoria regarding the alleged animal cruelty and have asked her to supply the name of the company which farmed the crocodile skins. They say, “In the US, wild alligators are caught in the swamps, strung up and skinned, or they are raised in filthy, crowded, waste-infused tanks, often in sheds, where the smell alone would knock you over.”