Victoria Beckham is bringing her empire to Dubai

Posh has big plans for her fashion line in the UAE
ByAndre NevelingTuesday , 29 September 2015
Victoria Beckham is bringing her empire to Dubai
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Victoria Beckham will be launching a store in Dubai

David Beckham is currently in Dubai for the launch of the Adidas store in Mall of the Emirates, and we must admit we were a bit disappointed when we found out Victoria wouldn’t be joining him. But fashion lovers and Spice Girls fans will be thrilled to know that Posh will in fact be heading to the UAE in coming months.

According to Britain’s Daily Mail, Victoria is planning to open a store right here in Dubai in the next 12 months. She’s also planning to expand her empire with branches in Hong Kong, Miami, New York and LA. She’s currently listed in Dubai’s Boutique 1, where her signature eyewear and handbags are sold.

We can’t wait to welcome Posh to the UAE and get our hands on some of her fabulous designs. 

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