Victoria Beckham and Beyonce Pregnant?

16 Oct 2012

Ha! We told you so! Rumour has it Posh and Beyonce both have buns in the oven…

What a week! It looks like we’ve got not one but two brand new celebrity babies on the way. Posh is fast becoming fashion’s answer to Angelina Jolie and is reportedly preggers with baby number five while Queen Bey appeared on stage in NYC with Jay-Z  sporting the best maternity outfit we’ve ever seen: a leather two-piece with a baggy space for a bump. Check it out and judge for yourselves, but if Bey’s not hiding a brother or sister for Blue under there, we’ll eat our shoes. And we wouldn’t say that lightly.

For the complete story, including Posh's hints on getting broody again and 'bump' happy Bey,  get your copy of Ahlan! out on stands Wednesday 17 October.