Victoria Beckham’s Whinging

The multi-million dollar homes, the closet full of Loubies, the hot hubby - why is Victoria Beckham complaining again?
Wednesday , 15 February 2012
Victoria Beckham’s Whinging
We don't mind swapping with Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has it all – good looks, a great body, a hunky footballer hubby, four healthy kids, loads of money and a high-profile fashion career, but she still finds time to moan. Recently she opened up about almost having a meltdown before Christmas due to the stress of juggling work and children, despite having a nanny. Vic said, “Of course I’ve got people to help me, but in the end there’s a lot that only I can do. Finding new schools for the children isn’t something anyone else can do for me. It got to the point I wasn’t actually sure if I could cope.” Welcome to our world, Posh – only we don’t have the PA, the multi-million dirham mega-mansions and the walk-in closet full of Louboutins. Wanna swap?

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