Very Vuitton - the Latest It-Accessory

Check out this season's hot accessory - the Petite Malle
ByBrittany SingletonSunday , 14 September 2014
Very Vuitton - the Latest It-Accessory
Louis Vuitton is still on top of the accessory game

As Nicholas Ghesquiere takes the creative reins at Louis Vuitton, a new chapter is opened in the history of this old-world luxury goods house. Ushering in a fresh new approach and a new creative vision for the brand, Ghesquiere has already unveiled collections with a distinctive vision down to the smallest details. As models took to the runway at the Autumn/Winter shows, all eyes were on the luxe textures of the collection, and especially the bags.

The Petite Malle collection, inspired by the historic travel trunks of the luxury good house, perfectly accented the 70’s inspired silhouettes. Boxy and petite, adorned with the traditional hardware of Vuitton trunks, they were instantly recognisable as classic Vuitton. What though, some wondered, were the small painted signatures on each bag?
After the show, Ghesquiere shared the secret. The Petite Malle bags from the show had not been inspired by any Vuitton trunk, but rather a specific order from Mr. Albert Kahn. A wealthy banker who loved travel and photography, Khan ordered trunks from Vuitton between 1911 and 1929, customising each of them with a signature of three white crosses.  With a clever interpretation of a historic design element, Ghesquiere had made a statement of his intention at Vuitton: looking back with respect, and looking forward to the future. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Find Louis Vuitton at Dubai Mall

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