SHOCK: Maid leaves toddler disfigured after acid attack in Sharjah

The housemaid has since admitted that the attack was deliberate
ByHend FadelMonday , 30 November 2015
SHOCK: Maid leaves toddler disfigured after acid attack in Sharjah
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The little boy suffered third-degree burns after the housemaid poured acid on him

In March a three-year-old boy was left disfigured after his Indonesian housemaid was accused of throwing acid on him in Sharjah. The housemaid has since been found guilty of the crime and was sentenced to three years in jail, fined Dhs270,000, and ordered her to be deported following her prison sentence. 

The awful incident occured when the mother asked her housemaid of four years to take the boy to wash his hands after he had been playing with paint. While the maid was in the bathroom with the child, the mother heard screams and instantly fainted after she saw her son’s face burning from the acid.

The boy suffered third degree burns on his face, hands and legs and had to undergo eye surgery. A family member revealed that he is currently being treated in a German hospital. 

According to Khaleej Times, the Sharjah Public Prosecution says that the maid admitted that the attack was deliberate. Understandably, the little boy’s mother had an emotional breakdown in court. After the housemaid’s judgement was revealed in Sharjah Court, the boy’s mother started screaming in front of the judges while the police tried to calm her down. "Allah will give me justice," she screamed at the maid. The traumatised mother felt that the housemaid’s sentence was not strict enough since her child suffered physical and psychological trauma. 

The boy's family will appeal the verdict. 

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