Venus Williams Shows Off Her Sporty Line

Venus Williams impressed at New York Fashion Week by featuring top American athletes as runway models of her latest collection
Venus Williams Shows Off Her Sporty Line
Venus Williams

Venus Williams put on an impressive showcase of her Spring/Summer 13 tennis clothing line yesterday.

The American sports star chose to debut the latest collection of her clothing line Eleven at New York Fashion Week.

Tennis champion Venus presented her sportswear line in an unusual fashion. Known herself for her striking ensembles on the tennis court, Venus stayed true to form by putting on a unique show featuring athletes wearing her clothing range on the runway.

Style icon Venus picked athletes including former middleweight boxing champion Michael Olajide and dance professional Mitchell Kelly to show off her line. The sport's stars also wore trainers from top US fitness studios Soul Cycle and the Tracy Anderson Method.

Venus explained more about her tennis collection at the Wednesday night's debut unveiling of her designs. She explained where the name of her label came from in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

“It’s one better than ten,” Venus smiled when asked about the origins of the name Eleven.

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