The VelaShape Cellulite Treatment

The one with the three prong attack
Monday , 25 April 2011
The VelaShape Cellulite Treatment
Kim is a fan of the treatment

Best for: People who would like to do something a bit less invasive, but still looking for an effective way to beat the orange peel.

Duration: 30 to 40 minutes, depending on which body part.

Sessions required: It's advised to do at least five sessions.

Price: Dhs1,200 per session.

Do it at: Obagi MediSpa, The Dubai Mall. Call (04) 339 7060.

The Dubai Mall doesn’t sound like the most peaceful place for beauty treatments, but behind closed doors this high-end medical spa feels light years away from the mega mall. I also have high hopes of what’s to come as Kim Kardashian is a fan of this non-invasive treatment, and if it works for her… Post consultation, my therapist instructs me to strip into my smalls. She then presses a futuristic looking funnel over my legs and stomach. The funnel produces radiofrequency energy and infrared light into my wobbly bits in a bid to ‘melt away’ the skin’s fat cells causing them to shrink. Next, a mechanical vacuum massage smoothes out my skin. There’s a slight pulling sensation and it feels a bit like a deep tissue massage, but it’s not unbearable. I’m told I’ll need five sessions to see a dramatic difference, which is a shame because I was hoping for Jessica Alba-esque pins by the evening, but hey-ho.

Afterwards, although at a glance, I can’t see any difference, when I touch my skin it definitely feels firmer.