VAT hasn't forgotten about your favourite UAE theme parks

VAT hasn't forgotten about your favourite UAE theme parks

19 Sep 2017

Prepare for taxes on your thrills!

Waiting for the weather to get a little more bearable before hitting one of the UAE's many theme parks? Trips to places such as Ferrari World and Wild Wadi will definitely put a dent in your pocket soon, so best hit them before next year!

Why? Well, VAT, set to be introduced into the UAE at a starting rate of five precent from January 2018, will also apply to water and theme parks in the UAE.

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"Entertainment constitutes a service. Seeing that there is no exemption or zero rate applying, all types of entertainment will be subject to five per cent VAT," says Thomas Vanhee, founding partner, Aurifer Middle East Tax, reports Khaleej Times.

All types of entertainment isn't limited to just theme parks. This means that even cinema goers and sports enthusiats will also be forking out a little more to enjoy their pastimes.

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As for all you theme park aficionados, will you be getting your thrills this year, or will a five percent increase in price not affect your stance?

Let us know in the comments below!