Vanessa On The QT

Hudgens chop gets a low profile...
Tuesday , 26 July 2011
Vanessa On The QT
Actress Vanessa Hudgens

Poor Vanessa Hudgens. Ever since she gave her luscious locks the chop she’s been keeping a rather low profile.

According to sources, the former High School Musical star is so self conscious of her look, since she had to put on weight and cut her hair for her latest film, Gimme Shelter, she is keeping a low profile until the weight drops off.

My source says, “She wrapped filming last week and is determined to lose the weight as quickly as possible. She’s taken on a personal trainer and has started cycling to get back into shape.”

“She has always prided herself on being so beautiful and glamorous that this new look has really dented her confidence. She can’t wait to step out in a fab new dress where people can say WOW look at her.”

“She’s already looking at new scripts on the market. She’ll make sure her next project is one where she can be seen at her best and on top form, that’s for sure!”