Can't pick a vacation spot this summer? Try city hopping with these amazing deals!

Travel to three places instead of one...
ByShehla MominMonday , 01 July 2019
Can't pick a vacation spot this summer? Try city hopping with these amazing deals!
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We’ve all been through that same routine every summer where we can’t decide on a vacation spot. Instead of picking one location why not three? Skyscanner has curated the perfect city hopping experience for you so you get to explore and immerse yourself in different cultures without breaking the bank. 

If you like noodles, skyscrapers and street life try: Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok

Start off your vacation by flying to Singapore where you make your mission to eat to your heart’s content as you will be spoiled for choice with the wide variety of delicacies.  

The second destination is Kuala Lumpur where you can go sightseeing and look at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, temples and parks. 

End off your trip in Bangkok where you can wander through Chinatown, row down the river, and bargain over knick knacks. 

Flights starting from: AED 2246 

If you like urban nature and people watching try: Hong Kong to Seoul to Tokyo

Take a trip to East Asia starting off at one of Asia’s greenest urban centers Hong Kong. Apart from stuffing your face with delicious steaming dim sum, you can hike through the parks for some breathtaking views. 

From Hong Kong hop on over a flight to the home of K-pop, Seoul. South Korea’s capital city is where modern skyscrapers and 24-hour karaoke bars meet Buddhist temples, street markets and palaces. The city has a great nightlife atmosphere as well as caters to you when you need some well-deserved downtime with sauna spas. 

The final pit stop to this vacation is Tokyo which like Seoul, the old and new collide in a dizzying feast for the senses. You can look down at the beautiful city from the famous Tokyo Tower, look at classical art at the museums, walk through beautiful gardens and live in a futuristic capsule hotel.  

Flights starting from: AED 3892 

If you like museums and fusion food try: Vienna to Berlin to Oslo

If you love places with a rich history and strolling through museums, Vienna is the perfect holiday spot for you. In Europe’s capital of class you can make a beeline for the MuseumsQuartier or one of the many churches to look at the imperial architecture. From Vienna, you can go travel to Berlin and Oslo, both places with fascinating museums and great food.

Flights starting from: AED 1498

If you like art, meat and food markets you can travel through Mexico, Botogá or city hop through any endless locations that cater to your taste. The world is your oyster, literally. 

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