Usher Has a Dance Battle with President Obama!

The singer busted a move alongside the president, Michelle Obama and even Stevie Wonder
ByMegan Chotrani Wednesday , 17 August 2016
Usher Has a Dance Battle with President Obama!
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While most of what happened at the super-secret White House birthday bash is still a mystery, we do know an epic dance off did occur!

Usher shared some juicy details of what went on behind the scenes at the star-studded party, which included Stevie Wonder, Kendrick Lamar and Beyoncé. Wowie!

The star said, “We had an incredible time. We danced all night. Me and Michelle always have a good time on the dance floor, but Barack, he actually battles you, right? It’s like a toe-to-toe thing. There’s no footage, though – they took everybody’s phones at the door!”

We’re pretty sure we would break in to the White House just to see that happen, but since that’s slightly illegal, maybe we’ll just check out Usher’s new movie, Hands of Stone instead.

We’re interested to see how the Yeah! singer fares as an actor, as we already know he’s been committed to staying in his role. The hottie admitted he suffered through some painful training sessions to adapt to his character as boxing legend, Sugar Ray Leonard.

He revealed, “I would tell ‘em, ‘Don’t take it easy on me, let’s go’ So I got rocked a few times”. Usher will be acting alongside big names like Robert de Niro!

Hopefully his acting is enough to make us want More! See what we did there? OK we’ll stop now.



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