Dubai Police App Can Be Used to Report Crashes

Dubai Police App Can Be Used to Report Crashes

22 May 2014

iPhone tool now includes extra functions for motorists

Reporting road accidents to police is about to become far easier.

Dubai Police’s iPhone app is being upgraded to enable anyone to contact traffic cops at the stroke of a touch screen and should be available early next month.

Drivers who tell police about their minor mishaps will receive police reports which can then be submitted to insurers.

The digital service removes the need to phone cop or visit stations in person.

Information that must be submitted includes the number plate of each car involved in any incident, as well as the complainant’s licence number and email address, photos of any vehicle damage and a summary of what happened.

The app will pinpoint the accident’s exact location and identify the nearest police station.

Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, General Director of Smart Services at Dubai Police, said: “This new feature will reduce traffic jams that occur during traffic accidents because people will not have to wait for the police patrol car to arrive on the scene.”

Motorists whose smartphones aren’t compatible with the app will be able to use the same functions using Dubai Police’s mobile site. It will be available in both English and Arabic.

A separate function already offered on the app enables users to photograph violations of traffic rules and sent them straight to police. The facility, named We are all Police, has already been used at least 444 times, said Al Razooqi.

Once officers confirm the photo’s authenticity and judge a violation to have occurred they can slap the offender with a fine.