US TV Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dies at Just 43

US TV Star Lisa Robin Kelly Dies at Just 43

21 Aug 2013

A miscarriage, domestic abuse and addiction led to tragic demise

In her heyday she was one of American TV’s biggest actresses, starring alongside Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis in the hit TV series, That ‘70s Show. But Lisa Robin Kelly has died aged just 43 in a California rehab centre after years of turmoil, rehab and arrests.
Tragic Lisa played Laurie Forman for five years in the comedy about group of teenage friends living in the fictional town of Point Place, Wisconsin, in the Seventies.
At its height it attracted 11 million viewers. However, unlike many of her co-stars, Lisa dropped out of the limelight after leaving the show that made her famous.
In and out of rehab for years, she died in her sleep from an assumed heart attack just two days after being admitted to rehab.
Her spokesperson Craig Wyckoff had declared she was “hopeful and confident and looking forward to putting this part of her life behind her” as she checked in. But he announced Lisa’s death just two days later, saying: “She had been fighting demons for a while and finally lost her battle.”
Lisa had talked about her substance abuse after she left That ‘70s Show, admitting her drinking problem was sparked by a miscarriage.
She said: “During That 70’s Show I was guilty of a drinking problem, and so I ran [from the show]. I had lost a baby. As a result of that I lost everything and I was abusing alcohol.”
A friend used Lisa’s Facebook page to pay tribute to the blonde actress. The post read: “Lisa is gone and that’s hard to digest. On her behalf I want to thank everyone for all their supportive emails... she was aware of and grateful for each of you. If more people were supportive like you guys, she’d be alive today.  She was a beautiful soul and a real artist and I will never forget her.”

At the time of her death, Lisa’s issues had taken over her personal life and relationships. She had been arrested several times in recent years and in 2010 pled guilty to drink driving. She was put on probation for a year following the incident in North Carolina. She was then arrested in June again for the same reason. 

In March 2012 she was arrested for alleged spousal abuse against her husband Robert Joseph Gilliam, 62. Both were also arrested that November after dispute at their home. In June Laura filed for divorce from Robert after he assaulted her and was convicted of domestic battery, sentenced to a year’s probation and ordered to stay a minimum of 100 metres away from her. But Gilliam told TMZ that Lisa called him 22 times in the last two weeks prior to her death, and implicated Lisa’s current boyfriend in her relapse.
  Her death has been labelled a “mystery” by police.