UPDATE: Tyga IS performing in Dubai, but at a new venue!

This concert situation has been pretty confusing to say the least
ByAndre NevelingMonday , 06 April 2015
UPDATE: Tyga IS performing in Dubai, but at a new venue!
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Tyga is still coming to Dubai

Recap: Tyga was set to perform at Dubai’s People by Crystal on 4 April, then postponed until 11 April. Then we heard this morning that the entire concert was cancelled. Now it’s back on again, but at VIP Room! Huh?!

VIP Room’s press statement reads: “VIP Room, the famous club brand is set to host international superstar TYGA for their ‘On Air’ night on Thursday 9th April. The famed brand has the reputation of hosting Dubai’s most coveted parties and its ability to bring internationally acclaimed hip-hop, R&B artists and guest DJs to perform.”

Let’s hope this is the final change in plan, because we doubt we can handle any more confusion. Just come to Dubai already, Tyga! 

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