Umberto Cini

Umberto Cini

05 Mar 2014

The driving force behind Maserati

With so many head-turning cars on Sheikh Zayed Road, it’s fair to say competition in the Middle East’s luxury motor market is fierce. But for one Maserati executive, keeping the coveted marque in the spotlight doesn’t seem to present a major challenge. Umberto Maria Cini scored his dream job when he was hired as managing director of Maserati global overseas markets – he has a passion for fast cars, having raced professionally in the past.

He joined the firm as a sales manager in 2004; three years later, he was transferred from its headquarters in Modena, Italy, to Dubai, where he was tasked with promoting and developing the brand, first across the Middle East and Africa and then internationally.

Umberto’s clearly doing something right. In 2012, about 6,000 new Maseratis were sold worldwide, yet its production operation is gearing up to meet projected demand for more than 50,000 cars by 2015. The phenomenal achievement has been praised by Italy’s President Giorgio Napolitano, who named Maserati’s Dubai-based division the best Italian company in the UAE.

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