Uber UAE Unveils a Perfect New Feature

The app just became even more convenient for Dubai and Abu Dhabi passengers
BySurena ChandeSunday , 21 August 2016
Uber UAE Unveils a Perfect New Feature
Uber will now offer cash payments in the UAE!

If you want to avoid paying by card for Uber rides, the great news is the company now lets you settle your fare with cash!

According to Uber UAE, many of the region’s existing users had been requesting for the option to pay by cash for some time now. The new service is being rolled out across Dubai and Abu Dhabi as the UAE joins just six other countries, including Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, where the option is available.

Surge pricing notifications will still be shown, and you can always cancel your ride if you’re not happy with the price you’re quoted.

There are a few things to note; you can only use one payment method (you can’t pay half by card and half by cash) and there are no additional charges for journeys paid by cash,   

We know how we’ll be getting home from work! 

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