Uber just stepped up their safety game with their newest app update

Uber just stepped up their safety game with their newest app update

29 Jul 2019

No more unnecessary worrying!

Ride-hailing app Uber just stepped up their security and safety game following the new update on the app.

The new feature is meant to ensure the safety of customers at all times by helping them double-check their driver's identity.

Uber announced today that they rolled out the newest Check Your Ride in-app reminders and push notification to all riders across the region.

This feature is similar to the one launched in the US on April which requires the rider to key in the license plate, car model, and the driver’s photo with what’s provided in the app to make sure they're getting in the right car.

One of the most important tip customers should follow when using car-hailing services is ensuring they're not just getting in a random stranger's car. There are many instances where people claim to be Uber drivers but don't match what's in the app. Scary.

Abdellatif Waked, General Manager of Uber Middle East & North Africa, said: "We want the check my ride protocol to become synonymous with Uber... It is another important and visual reminder of the importance we place on safety as well as how tech can make travel safer than ever before.”

Another useful tip given by Uber to riders is always making it a habit to ask the drivers to confirm their names. Drivers see the rider’s name in their app, and the driver’s name is displayed in the rider’s app so it shouldn't be difficult to answer the questions.

Better safe than sorry, guys!