UAE's recent rains are a result of cloud seeding

UAE's recent rains are a result of cloud seeding

10 Jan 2018

Six successful missions have been carried out

The UAE's recent bouts of rain have come after successful cloud-seeding missions, Gulf News reports.

Omar Al Yazeedi, director of research and development at the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), confirmed that six cloud-seeding missions were launched this week across the eastern and northern areas of the UAE, in addition to Abu Dhabi and the western region, resulting in showers throughout the country.

What is a cloud seeding mission?
A cloud seeding mission is an artificial method to produce rain. During a mission, a plane enters a cloud and fires salt crystal flares into naturally occuring overcast skies, which encourages the formation and release of cloud moisture into raindrops.  

Monday saw heavy rains throughout the country, and on Tuesday residents awoke to find a significant decrease in temperatures along with overcast skies. Temperatures will remain on the lower side, reports NCM. Minimum temperatures expected over the next two days will be 11-17 degrees Celsius in coastal areas, 7-15 degrees Celsius in internal areas, and 5-11 degrees Celsius in the mountain region. 

Don't leave home without your umbrellas and jackets people, the rain's here to stay!