The UAE's Gender Equality Soars to New Heights

The UAE's Gender Equality Soars to New Heights

28 Aug 2016

The region is the first to have a female pilot of an A380

Aisha Al Mansouri has become the country’s first female pilot of an A380!

Following her family’s footsteps, with her sister being the UAE’s first female fighter pilot and her brother being a helicopter pilot, Al Mansouri also dreamt of becoming a pilot.

Aisha joined the cadets in 2007 and went on to join Eithad’s training programme. She was one of only two female Emiratis in a classroom of over 500 men. After graduating, she worked as an officer on the A320 and moved on to the A330 as a first officer.

“When I received news that I’d be flying an A380, I was very happy and excited and my family were very excited,” she said.

Her first flight was from Abu Dhabi to London where she found flying the A380 overwhelming because of the size of the plane.

“To be able to shift from night-to-day and day-to-night is hard work, but to be able to have breakfast in Abu Dhabi then lunch in London – that is very rewarding for me.”

As Emirati Women’s Day was celebrated recently, Aisha Al Mansouri urges women to choose a job that they’re passionate about.

Girl power!