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Sunday , 31 July 2011
The UAE's Best Fitness Blog
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Fitness in Dubai (
Next time Scar-Jo goes barefoot running she should check out Dubaiite Paul Hymers' blog, Fitness in Dubai. A marathon runner since his teens, Paul turned to barefoot running two years ago in a bid to keep himself injury-free. While he admits it hasn’t always been plain sailing (or, er, running) Paul believes that ditching the trainers has improved his running technique and general strength.
Get advice: “I’m constantly thinking about my running action and trying to concentrate on being upright, light and relaxed. Being engaged in what you’re doing makes the time fly.”
Get inspired: “Run barefoot on the grass to bring back childhood memories.”

Fit Chicks and Fast Women (
Want to know which cocktails to avoid at Ladies Night and who does the best sushi in town? Then check out Tori Leckie’s blog. When she’s not working at Ignite Fitness, Tori likes to blog about all things fitness related.
Get advice: “Summer for runners signals the dreaded arrival of SES (stinging eye syndrome) caused by sweat. It seems Vaseline is the miracle cure. Just a streak across my forehead, just above my brows.... and it causes the sweat to run along the streak and down the side of your face instead.”
Get inspired: “My friend asked me why I like to run so much. My answer? It’s my time to get creative, set goals and plan adventures.”

Red Armada Publishing (
Forget Sudoku. If you want to give your mind a workout, take up climbing. But before you strap on your harness and head up Jebel Hafeet, check out The brainchild of Dubai-based investment manager and hardcore climber Toby Foord-Kelcey, this blog provides information to first-time and seasoned climbers and also offers advice on issues relating to safety and fitness.
Get advice: “People with slender physiques should definitely give it a try,” explains Toby.
Get inspired: “There is a wall in my house where there are always three photos of routes on show. I call it the “Project Wall”, as the routes are ones I have yet to complete.”

Trek for Lebanon (
Feel like your legs could do with more of a workout than a stroll to the coffee machine and back? Then check out The pet project of marketing and communications consultant Sally Prosser, this blog was originally set up as a way to document Sally’s fundraising progress, while she trained for the punishing five day Lebanon Mountain Trail hike.
Get advice: “I gave myself some small goals, “only a few more steps to that pointy rock, now get to that spiky plant.”
Get inspired: “There’s nothing more exhilarating than reaching your end goal.”