UAE Weather to Get even Hotter and There May Be Fog!

Temperature expected to rise close to 50 degrees in internal and western areas
ByFarah NadaTuesday , 15 July 2014
UAE Weather to Get even Hotter and There May Be Fog!
Hot and humid conditions expected over next few days

Be prepared for even more heat and more humidity as weather in the UAE worsens over the next few days!

The UAE’s National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has stated that the sea and land breeze will increase the thermal pressure over the desert, bringing hot winds from Saudi Arabia.

According to the centre, last week temperatures in the western regions of the country – near Saudi Arabia’s border – saw the temperature spike up to 50.7 degrees centigrade.  

Over the next few days, temperatures are expected to rise by about 4 degrees in the western and interior areas of the UAE. As for people living on the coast – including Dubai and Abu Dhabi – temperatures there will rise by about 2 degrees.

But, the heat is not the only thing greeting UAE residents – the sea breeze is also expected to increase the level of moisture in the air. This will cause humidity to rise to 95 per cent!

Additionally, the NCMS have stated that there will be an increase in levels of fog in the country. Dubai and Abu Dhabi police have already issued several fog warnings over the past few days to motorists who commute in the early hours of the morning. On 14 July, increased fog led to a drop in visibility down to 200 metres near Abu Dhabi and Al Bateen Airport.

The NCMS spokesperson added that “Commuters can expect extreme foggy conditions over the next three days, between 5am and 9am, especially in the interiors and the western region of Abu Dhabi, Khalifa City, Liwa and Dafrah.”

The hot and humid conditions are expected to continue into August – but, those living near the mountains might get some showers in the next few days as the NCMS has identified a growing cloud cover over the region. 

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