Weather predictions for next week have been revealed

The dusty weather goes on
ByOlivia Adams Tuesday , 26 March 2019
Weather predictions for next week have been revealed
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The region's weather forecast has been predicted - and the dust and wind is likely to continue until next week.

Over the next few days, rain, thunderstorms and wind will take place in Dubai as the UAE transitions from winter to summer. The maximum temperature during the day will be in the low to mid-30s C. 

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“This weather is due to the southerly wind associated with a very common trough centred over the Arabian Peninsula. This southerly wind is freshening at times, causing dust blowing over the UAE. And this situation combined with cold low in upper air, it tend to develop some rain clouds over the UAE from west to north,” a forecaster at the National Centre for Meteorology (NCM), told Gulf News.

“This will continue because of the successive troughs coming from west to east and may extend to another week, maybe five days at least.”

The forecaster added: “This is the transitional period between winter and summer where we see some phenomena from winter and some phenomena from summer, characterised by a few hot or windy days and after that cloudy and rainy days with a decrease in temperature. Then till we enter April, maybe by April 10, it will be steady weather until summer.”

We want winter back! 

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