UAE Weather: Cooler Days Are On Their Way

But how long will the refreshing weather last?
ByPallavi Melwani Monday , 10 September 2018
UAE Weather: Cooler Days Are On Their Way
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The news we have all been waiting for! The hot, hot days of summer are coming to a (temporary) end.

Over the next five days, UAE residents will enjoy pleasant weather conditions as humidity levels are predicted to drop.

Last Sunday, a maximum temperature of 46.8C was recorded, ouch. However, the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) said there will be “a drop in temperature” by Tuesday, “with clouds appearing eastwards and light winds”.

Maximum temperatures will reach an average range of 40C - 45C over the next few days.

South-easterly to north-easterly winds will blow at a speed of 18-28 km/h, reaching up to 35 km/h at times.

According to the NCM, the improvement in the weather is expected to continue until Thursday, before rising again on Friday.

“The temperature will tend to increase by Friday, accompanied with humidity and a probability of fog and mist forming in the early morning,” the NCM has reported.

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