The UAE is Voted the Happiest Nation in the Gulf!

This makes us happy! The UAE has beaten 139 other countries, including Britain and Iceland, in the World Happiness Report
Thursday , 21 March 2013
The UAE is Voted the Happiest Nation in the Gulf!
The UAE's our happy place!

It’s official, we’re living in the happiest nation in the region! The UAE has been ranked 17 out of 156 countries in the World Happiness Report! The UAE's closest competitor from the region on the list was Saudi Arabia, ranked 26 of the countries that had been surveyed. The UAE was also ahead of Britain (ranked 18).

The report results were revealed at the Quality of Life conference held in Ajman this week and the top spot on the World Happiness Report went to Denmark, followed by Finland and Norway. Meanwhile, the unhappiest nation was Togo, West Africa. 

An interesting find in the UAE's result was that women were found to be happier than men!

Results for the country were found by surveying thousands of Emiratis over a six-year period (from 2005 to 2011), where areas such as family and health issues, along with work happiness were taken into account.

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