UAE residents: Expect a meteor shower tonight!

Find out how and when you can catch tonight's spectacular meteor shower!
ByHend FadelMonday , 16 November 2015
UAE residents: Expect a meteor shower tonight!
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A Leonid meteor shower will appear in the UAE tonight

Earlier in August residents of the UAE witnessed a Perseid meteor shower, where shooting stars and fireballs streaked across the night sky. But tonight, prepare to be amazed by a Leonid meteor shower that is set to radiate the skies of the UAE.

The Leonid meteor shower, which occurs annually, is set to produce approximately 10 to 15 meteors per hour in the darkness before dawn and will peak around midnight. The CEO of Dubai Astronomy Group told Emirates 24/7: "The most ideal time to catch the Leonids event is between midnight and 3am, which is when the Earth has rotated to a front facing position of the meteor shower." Leonids are bits of debris from a comet that visits the solar system every 33 years, and their name comes from the constellation, Leo the Lion. 

Dubai residents will be able to witness the meteor shower up-close, as the Dubai Astronomy Group will be hosting a Leonid meteor shower viewing event at 9pm. The event will be followed by an astrophotography workshop at 10pm at the Showka Dam.

And those who wish to stay at home during the meteor shower will also be able to catch a glimpse of the shooting stars. According to NASA, the meteor shower can be seen with the naked eye.  

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