Muslims Celebrate Eid Al Adha In Dubai

UAE Public Holidays for 2017 Announced!

04 Jan 2017

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The Abu Dhabi government has just released the list of public holidays in the UAE for 2017, and we’re so excited to go ahead and plan our holidays!

The total duration of holidays for government offices this year will reportedly be at least two weeks, with special dates falling almost every month.

This year Ramadan is expected to start on May 27 and the three-day Eid Al Fitr holiday is likely to start from June 25, which falls on a Sunday. This could most likely become a five-day break, if Friday and Saturday are taken into account.

Reportedly, Eid Al Adha is also likely to be a three day break and will start from September 1, Friday, giving away three work-free days.

But the closest public holiday Israa & Miaraj Night, is a couple of months away, and is most likely to fall on Monday, April 24, depending on the moon sighting.