UAE Property Investor Visa 45% Cheaper

Foreign owners might spend more time in the country
ByNathalie ViranyiMonday , 25 August 2014
UAE Property Investor Visa 45% Cheaper
More property owners from abroad might visit the UAE

With a decreased visa cost, the UAE could see more property investors from spend time in the country.

According to a report on Emirates 27/7, the six month visa for foreign property owners will now be available at Dhs1100, 900 Dirhams less than before. The conditions for the visa to be granted remain the same, including the ownership of a property valued at minimum Dhs1 million, with the owner being able to present an income of Dhs10,000 per month.

The move might result in more property owners visiting the Emirates on a short-term residency basis, allowing for the economy to benefit from their stay, especially if they are visiting with their families.

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