UAE Police: Don't Take Selfies While Driving!

Sharjah force issues stern warning to snap-happy motorists
ByLauren SteadmanMonday , 25 August 2014
UAE Police: Don't Take Selfies While Driving!
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Don't take selfies while driving! Picture posed by model

Motorists must stop taking selfies while driving, a UAE police force warns.

An article in police magazine Al Shirti features interviews with driving safety experts who assessed the dangers of taking self-portraits while behind the wheel, reported Arabic-language newspaper Al Ittihad.

The report, titled “That moment to take a picture may cost you your life… selfies, a noteworthy danger,” shared examples of how motorists were becoming distracted by mobile technology while driving.

It said  some motorists had tried to maintain control of their vehicles while simultaneously taking snapshots, even describing incidents in which people had been seen trying to use ‘selfie sticks’ and upload images to social media instead of focusing on the road ahead, endangering their lives and those of other road users.

Al Shirti spoke to Maj ibn Khattar of Sharjah Police, who said that in the first seven months of this year, patrols registered 8,154 offences by motorists using their phones while driving, compared with 7,251 during the same period last year – an increase of 903.

Maj Ibn Khattar stressed that Sharjah’s Traffic and Patrols Law specifies a Dh200 penalty and four black points for motorists caught holding their mobile phones while driving, adding the traffic department had launched a campaign in the emirate, called Focus on the Road While Driving to catch reckless drivers and others who broke traffic laws in the emirate.

He added that police planned to promote the campaign via a number of social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Booklets containing safety tips, written in both English and Arabic, will also be handed out to members of the public.

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