UAE Nationals and residents warned against travelling to this country

Time to make some changes to your bucket lists
ByMashal AbbasiThursday , 19 October 2017
UAE Nationals and residents warned against travelling to this country

We'll be honest, we've been wanting to visit Madagascar since the movie came out. Beaches, trees and don't forget lemurs, it's the ideal vacation spot.

However, we might not be going anytime soon, and you shouldn't either. The Ministry of Health and Prevention has recently issued a warning to UAE nationals and residents against traveling to Madagascar, following the country's report of an alarming increase of cases of bubonic plague. Yikes!

Dr Fatima Al Attar, Vice-President of the National Committee for International Health Regulations and the Control of Pandemics, said that the ministry is currently working to prepare awareness leaflets that can be distributed during flights to those coming back from Madagascar and other countries where the disease may be present, highlighting information and advice on the disease, its symptoms and how to obtain medical treatment, reports Khaleej Times.

In case a passenger is suspected of exhibiting symptoms of the disease, treatment is free. The patient will be prevented from further travel and be provided with an immediate treatment of antibiotics. All those surrounded by an infected person will also be given preventive treatments to ensure non-contamination. Scary!

So if you're thinking of going to Madagascar, it's best you change your travel plans, atleast for the time being.

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