UAE Javelin Star Saida Khamees' Fitness Inspiration

The ambassador for P&G's Thank You Mom Campaign shows us the form that won her two gold medals at the Doha Games
Wednesday , 15 August 2012
Meet Saida Khamees
Meet Saida Khamees
Saida showing some of the form that won her two gold medals
Saida showing some of the form that won her two gold medals

UAE javelin star Saida Khamees is the ambassador for P&G’s Thank You Mom Campaign, which encourages athletes to salute their biggest supporters: their mums. Saida says that without her mum she wouldn’t have been able to break three UAE javelin throwing records and take home two gold medals at the Doha Games.

My weekly workout
“I train four times a week, at a minimum of two hours per session. When I train, I work out at the gym to increase my strength and speed, in addition to working on my throwing technique for the javelin. My coach plans out my workouts. The focus will be on whether I’m maintaining my fitness or I’m training before competitions.”

My favourite warm up exercise
“I love doing drills as part of my warm-ups. I do sprints, stretching and hit the hurdles.”

Injury is your enemy
“Always listen to what your body is telling you. Your number one enemy is injury – injury makes the biggest athletes fall down, which is why I always make sure to put all my concentration in my warm ups and training.”

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