UAE has the MOST K-POP fans in the region after KSA

Looks like K-POP is up for a global domination
ByNina StankovaWednesday , 26 February 2020
UAE has the MOST K-POP fans in the region after KSA
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There’s no denying the massive global explosion of K-Pop over the last few years and it has been witnessed first hand on Spotify.

It is truly the first Asian music genre to resonate so well with a global audience. K-Pop fans are among the most passionate and active, and K-Pop fandom - the way fans function, communicate and connect with one another. There’s no doubt that K-Pop's immense popularity will only continue to grow.

Spotify has been uncovering a series of “wow” stats and trends that support K-Pop’s global rise since the launch of the first K-Pop flagship playlist “K-Pop Daebak” in 2014. Between then and January 2020, K-Pop’s share of listening on Spotify increased by more than 1,800% and that same playlist now has more than 2.4 million followers globally.

Since 2014, K-Pop music has been streamed for more than 134 billion minutes on Spotify.

Here are some interesting stats shared by spotify:

- To date, there have been more than 41 billion K-Pop streams on Spotify
- 53% of K-Pop listeners are aged 18-24 and 73% of K-Pop listeners are female
-Spotify users around the world have added K-Pop songs to more than 96 million playlists
-The top 5 countries for streaming K-Pop at the moment in MENA  (in the past 90 days) are, in order: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria

Most-streamed K-Pop artists in the UAE on Spotify (from Jan 2014 - Jan 2020):
1. BTS
4. EXO
5. IU

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