UAE Homecoming for Arabs with Altitude

Mount Everest climbers arrive back in the UAE
Monday , 27 May 2013
UAE Homecoming for Arabs with Altitude
Arabs with Altitude

The group of Arab climbers who spent two months in Nepal climbing Mount Everest arrived back in the UAE yesterday (26 May).

The team, known as Arabs with Altitude, made history when they climbed the giant peak; the group was made up of the first Qatari man, the first Palestinian man, the first Saudi woman and the youngest Arab to climb it.

The group held a press conference upon their arrival at Sharjah airport where they spoke about the biggest challenges of their climbing expedition. They named being shut off from the outside world and having to wear oxygen masks when they slept as some of the most difficult parts.

The team hope their journey will help raise funds for educational projects in Nepal.

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