UAE fuel prices go down

November is the month for really long drives
ByAmeena NavabTuesday , 31 October 2017
UAE fuel prices go down

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UAE drivers have reason to celebrate. The Ministry of Energy said on Tuesday that fuel prices will decrease by four percent during November. 

The per-litre prices have been set for Super98 from Dhs2.12 to Dhs2.03; Special 95 was previously Dhs2.01, and will be Dhs1.92; E Plus-91 has been changed from Dhs1.94 to Dhs1.85.

Gulf News reported that data had showed that the UAE fuel prices during the month of October were at its highest.

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Although fuel prices have gone down, diesel prices are increasing to Dhs2.11 per litre from Dhs2.10. 

Yay for cheap petrol! 

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