UAE Family Attacked in London Apartment by Armed Gang

Man shot at, wife unhurt in the incident
ByAhlan! Live ReporterWednesday , 23 April 2014
UAE Family Attacked in London Apartment by Armed Gang

A second armed robbery of its kind has taken place in London, with a UAE citizen and his wife being attacked by a seven member armed gang. Fortunately, the couple were unharmed.

UAE Ambassador to the UK, Abdul Rehman Ganem Al Mutaiwe'e, was reported as saying by WAM that "The masked robbers, who carried hammers, knives and guns, broke the door and entered the apartment, threatened the family and stole their money, jewellery and credit cards."

The UAE citizen managed to remove the mask of one of the attackers who then ordered his accomplice to shoot the former because his identity had been revealed. However, the attackers fled the scene after hearing the sirens of a car near the building block fearing that the police were coming.

It was the neighbours who alerted the police. An investigation was launched right away.

The ambassador said that as soon as he received a call from the Emirati man early morning he rushed there to ensure their well being. He also reassured the family that the embassy had received instructions from UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan to follow up on the case.

The ambassador confirmed that the family was fine and had been taken to an apartment owned by the Dubai Office in London.

In a somewhat similar earlier incident, three Emirati ladies had been savagely attacked in their room at the Cumberland Hotel in London on 6 April.  

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