UAE Expats Among World's Highest Earners

Big bucks! UAE ranks third for net pay of senior professionals
ByFarah NadaMonday , 14 July 2014
UAE Expats Among World's Highest Earners
UAE expats are among the world’s highest earners

Looking for a job in the UAE? It'll be worth your while! A new study has shown that employees holding managerial and senior positions in the UAE are among the highest-earning in the world.

Mercer’s 2014 International Geographic Salary Differentials looks at gross and net pay salaries of employees across all career levels in 79 countries. The study has shown that the take-home pay of senior and junior professionals in the UAE totaled Dhs280,481 and Dhs189,154 per year, respectively.

The average net compensation for senior employees in the UAE – Dhs23,373 per month – is the third highest in the world. Additionally, the take-home salary of junior employees – at roughly Dhs15,762 per month, ranked ninth globally.

The UAE ranked second for upper-middle management net salaries – about Dhs616,705 per year – as well as third for lower-middle management – about Dhs415,903 per year.

The study confirms that salaries in the UAE are among the highest in the world, which experts believe is related to the UAE’s tax-free system.

But not every employee is among the highest-paid in the world – UAE employees earning Dhs70,434 per year don’t make the cut.

The study showed that Switzerland tops the charts for senior and junior professionals, with earnings of about Dhs381,442 and Dhs326,868, respectively – but with upper-middle and lower-middle employees, Angola ranks first. 

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